"Who Else Is Sick Of The SEO Hype??? Want Some FREE SEO Tools That Are Better Than The Paid Ones??? Here Ya Go..."

Yes, it's really all free.

Yes, it's awesome software.

Free Tool #1  .: Total Backlink Analyzer :.

Like the name says, it analyzes backlinks (also known as "inbound links"...but "Total Inbound Link Analyzer" doesn't quite roll of the tongue). It will analyze the heck out of any URL or keyword in the top search engines. It's an incredibly powerful program that kicks the crap out of pretty much all the paid ones out there that claim to do the same thing.

Don't take my word for any of this stuff either. Do your homework first and you'll really see the value of what I am doing here. Hmmm....buy the "other guys" stuff for a few hundred bucks that may do some of what my tools do, or download these for free. Your call.

See for yourself how powerful this puppy really is:

Watch This Video Of Total Backlink Analyzer In Action


Free Tool #2  .: Barrier To Entry Analyzer :.

This is a neat little ditty! Ever wonder whether it's worthwhile pursuing a new keyword market? Maybe you want to sell a new product, or make a new site about something...you need to know if it's too competitive or not, right?

Well, this wicked app takes your keyword(s) and does a custom analysis to see if it is a competitive keyword or not. It tells you how many searches per month that keyword gets, and tells you how many other sites are actively optimizing their pages for this exact keyword (like, if they have the keywords in the Title tag, in the Domain, in the H1 tag, etc.). If they are optimizing their content for it then they are your competition.


Free Tool #3 .: Authority Site Finder :.

(Sidenote: I gotta be honest here. This particular tool is not as powerful as the other tools I'm giving away, but it still has value. And I didn't want to just remove it, cause some people do really like it. You can download it and see for yourself.)

You need the right links to your site. Some SEO "experts" say that if you get a few links from "Authority Sites" in your field it is just as good as getting hundreds of regular links to your site, in terms of your search engine rank.

An "Authority Site" is simply a site that the search engines feel is an authority on a subject, with loads of relevant content and lots of one-way links pointing to it. This tool may not find the best Authorities on the subject (that's kind of hard to automate with software), but it may pick them out by finding backlinks that are common to all 15 of the top results for any keyword. If they link to more than one of the top 15 then you should be able to get them to link to you too.


Free Tool #4 .: On-Site Analyzer :.

Ok, there's on-site SEO and off-site SEO (aka, links). Here's a tool that does excellent analysis of your competition's on-site SEO. It looks at the top 10 pages for your keyword and tells you all about their on-site optimization. No other tool goes into this much detail. You have to try it to see what I mean. It does a lot of analysis, and quickly too. It gives you a chart comparing every aspect of your site to each of the top 10 pages for that phrase. Very handy.


Free Tool #5 .: Rank Finder :.

Ever wonder where your site sits in the rankings? Plop in your keywords, or just put in your URL(s) and have the program find your keywords and your rankings itself. This saves me a lot of time, and is a very handy little tool.

Who am I?

As the name of this site suggests, I am Shawn Pringle (shown in this older pic with my gorgeous, then-3 year old, Hanna Rose).

I have had many programs created for me over the years that I want to now share with others.

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